Meet the winner of SmartPlanet's Amazon Kindle contest

Who won SmartPlanet's Kindle contest? You ask, we answer: meet the lucky reader who won.
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To celebrate our first birthday, we decided in June to give away a free Amazon Kindle to one lucky SmartPlanet reader.

We reminded you to enter. Then we reminded you again. Then the contest closed two months later.

And all the while SmartPlanet readers across the U.S. were asking, "Well, who's the lucky reader?"

Or as reader megancuccia asked on Aug. 18:

Who won!?!?!?!?!

So a hearty, well-deserved congratulations goes out to Joan Reyes, 55, a librarian from Livonia, Mich. who is "almost patiently waiting" to receive a brand new Amazon Kindle e-book reader.

This afternoon, I gave her a ring from SmartPlanet HQ in New York City to offer my personal congratulations. On behalf of all the SmartPlanet readers out there, I also asked her to tell me a bit about herself.

Here's what she said:

AN: How long have you been reading SmartPlanet?

JR: I fell into a link about maybe four or five months ago. I just clicked and came to it -- I don't remember how. I was reading other stuff about green energy, because here in Michigan, they're trying to reinvent the state with green industry. Wind turbines is something that the current governor, Jennifer Granholm, is very big on.

When you had the contest, I thought "Hey, let me throw my hat into the ring."

AN: What are your favorite SmartPlanet sections?

JR: It depends on the topic. I like to look at green energy, but I also like to look at things that are happening -- read about upcoming businesses or people.

As far as technology goes, I love reading about people doing pie-in-the-sky [challenges] and actually making it work as companies.

Being able to use technology to help people, whether its for their health or convenience -- those are the kinds of things I like.

I like techie stuff, even though I'm not a techie person. I love toys. You can take toys and use them to make life a little easier for people.

I read the newsletter every day. Certain articles will pique my curiosity.

AN: And lastly, the big question: what do you plan to do with your new Kindle?

JR: Amazon has free books that are no longer covered by copyright domain, so I am probably going to grab every Jane Austen book out there and start with her. And probably the Brontë sisters too -- revisiting a lot of American and English literature.

It's going to be really cool to take it with me [to] places!

From all the staff here at SmartPlanet: Congratulations, Joan!

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