Micron releases world’s first 1TB microSD card

Need to add more storage to your Android smartphone or tablet? Micron has the microSD card for you.

This microSD card crams 400GB of storage into your smartphone Western Digital just showed off “the world's highest-capacity” microSD card. The SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I crams 400GB of storage into your smartphone. It’s the highest-capacity microSD card for use in mobile devices. It can hold 40 hours of Full HD video and can transfer data at up to 100MBps. At that speed, you can move 1,200 3.5MB photos per minute over USB 3.0. The card is being aimed at Android smartphone and tablet users. It comes with a 10-year warranty and a US retail price of $249.99. Western Digital says its production processes allowed for more bits per die. Only two years ago, Western Digital's biggest microSD card stood at 200GB for $399. When the microSD card format first launched in 2004, it had 128MB of capacity.

Need to give your smartphone or tablet a storage boost? Your existing microSD card feeling a little cramped? Then Micron's new world's highest-capacity microSD card is the storage card for you.

The Micron C200 1TB microSDXC UHS-I card is the world's first microSD card on the market that leverages Micron's advanced 96-layer 3D quad-level cell (QLC) NAND technology.

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And the C200 has more to offer than just high capacity. The microSD card conforms to A2 App Performance Class, and is capable of leveraging Android Adoptable storage by enabling applications and games installed on the card to load faster.

  • Capacities: 128GB to 1TB capacities, capable of storing up to 40 hours of 4K HDR video and thousands of 40MP photos, along with hundreds of mobile apps.
  • High speed: Reads up to 100 MB/s, writes up to 95 MB/s, with  write acceleration via Dynamic SLC cache, and intelligent maintenance during idle time for sustained peak performance.
  • 4K support: Ready for 4K HDR capture/playback with UHS-1 Speed Class 3 and Video Speed Class 30 support.
  • Speed: Meets Application Performance Class 2 (A2), enables built-in memory expansion with compatible Android mobile devices.
  • Latest tech: Micron 96-layer 3D QLC NAND provides cost-effective storage for consumer electronic devices.

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Micron is currently sampling c200 1TB microSD cards, with availability slated for Q2 2019.