Microsoft's Ajax CDN tumbles worldwide

Microsoft's AJAX content distribution network, part of its Windows Azure cloud, appears to have gone down worldwide, damaging applications that depend on the third-party javascript libraries that are hosted there.
Written by Jack Clark, Contributor

Part of Microsoft's globe-spanning Windows Azure cloud is having a problem, causing faults for websites and applications based on it. 

On Thursday morning multiple Azure users began reporting problems with the company's Ajax Content Delivery Network, a technology that helps to quickly serve third-party javascript libraries, such as jquery, to sites and applications built on top of Windows Azure.

The problems with the AJAX CDN began on Thursday morning.
Image: Cedexis

As of 1:14pm GMT the ajax.aspnetcdn.com Microsoft site was completely unavailable.

Cedexis, a company that operates a variety of cloud monitoring technologies, also confirmed the outage via its Cedexis Radar technology in a post to Twitter at 2:12pm, which showed a loss in capability of the CDN (pictured).

"Dammit! ajax.aspnetcdn.com is down, @Microsoft any ideas when it will come back up? #downtime#ajax#jquery#CDN," Twitter user Chuck Neely wrote in a post to the microblogging network at 12:49pm GMT.

At the time of writing Microsoft had not responded to a ZDNet request for comment. A trawl of the technology giant's public social media accounts showed no acknowledgement of the issue. 


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