News to know: iPhone wishlist; AMD; IE 8; Firefox 3; Facebook

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: IE 8 to feature WebSlices, ActivitiesWant a peek at a non-Windows operating system from Microsoft?Microsoft releases new test build of its online-offline synchronization tool Jason O'Grady: iPhone software wishlist.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: IE 8 to feature WebSlices, Activities

Jason O'Grady: iPhone software wishlist. Hardware wishlist

Mary Jo Foley: Cheap Office - or Web-based Office?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Puma to challenge Centrino

Getting ready for Vista SP1

Catalyst 8.3 - unlocks CrossfireX and Hybrid Graphics

Gallery: New gadgets to go at CeBit (right)

Paula Rooney: Curl ships commercial version of its open source web services dev kit for RIA Platform. Firefox 3 beta 5 code freeze slated for March 18

Robin Harris:Small business backup for Windows

Search Engine Land: Google tests additional search boxes within results

Security wrap:

New York Times: Yahoo looks at new way to survive

Larry Dignan: Dell's rugged laptop: Built for abuse. Gallery (right)

Facebook taps Google exec Sheryl Sandberg as COO. Techmeme

Ask.com: Innovation doesn’t always pan out

John Morris: Intel and AMD finalizing new notebook technology

Worries about Intel, AMD demand abound

Matthew Miller: Asus shows EeePC successor for CeBIT

Christopher Dawson: ASUS 9" Eee provides new choice for teachers, older students

Review: Spb Mobile Shell 2.0 increases the efficiency of your Win

dows Mobile device. Gallery (right)

Russell Shaw: Truphone cuts international rates with new Tru Zone offering

Score one for the little guy: FCC entirely backs consumer in Sprint slamming case

Fonality boosts presence detection in new PBXtra4.0

Sony to add Skype service to PSP in March

Dennis Howlett: FOWA charts: not one enterprise app to be seen

Productivity software as games?

Joe McKendrick: Is SOA still of value if nothing gets reused? How about if everything gets reused?

BusinessWeek: Highlights of Apple shareholder meeting

Heather Clancy:Could California's $3 billion in proposed green tech investment turn pilots into real products?

Jason Perlow: The ZEN of PlateSpin Dan Kusnetzky:Additional thoughts on Novell acquisition of PlateSpin

Janice Chen: Sony's eco-friendly, hand-powered digital camera in action

Josh Taylor: Recession buster: The perfect $25,000 consumer electronics device

Ryan Stewart: Big day for mobile rich Internet applications

Survey: Generation Facebook's skills wasted at work

Ed Burnette: Python's future looks bright

Google: Why data matters

SAP announces new partners for SME offerings

Dana Blankenhorn: Google vs. Microsoft game is afoot

Texas Instruments joins Linux Foundation for mobile Linux

Christopher Dawson: Interesting report on OLPC mesh networking

ReadWriteWeb: How Barack Obama uses wikis to organize volunteers

Dana Gardner: Splunk goes 'platform' to extend IT search benefits across more IT management functions

Sources: Samsung, Sony invest big on LCDs, Pioneer exits plasma

IBM, allies to offer open-source PCs in Eastern Europe


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