News to know: Securing the $100 laptop; Yahoo Pipes; Adobe's big move;

Notable headlines:  Inside the $100 laptop’s security spec. More RSA news.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:  

Inside the $100 laptop’s security spec. More RSA news. RSA blogs.
New Energy Star ratings for PCs on the way.
Yahoo Launches Pipes, an RSS Remixer. Techmeme discussion.
YouTube founders split $650M payout. YouTube: Will TV networks call Google’s bluff? Google to cable operators: Let's collaborate. Zucker slaps YouTube.

Talent recruitment spurs VMware IPO. EMC to push VMWare public, but still keep control.
Three mega traps for Google Apps. Ray Lane: Good riddance, software business.
How Adobe is making big moves while no one’s looking.
The Great Vista/Mac Showdown: Vista wireless and networking is catching up to Mac.


Microsoft to unveil Windows Mobile 6. Microsoft reveals Window Mobile 6 and we have all the details.
Feds' tech budgets may hinge on cybersecurity prowess.
Should we ban iPods in crosswalks? NY State Senator: hang up and cross. Do you agree? Techmeme discussion.
Readers respond to David Berlind's take on Vista's firewall.
As the ODF--OOXML world turns:
Sun to release ODF translator for Microsoft Office.
Microsoft must reconsider its support for ODF
Is there more to ODF vs. OOXML than vendor politics?
OpenDocument up for adoption in Texas, Minn.
Study notes link between IT sabotage, work behavior.

Massachusetts Leads National TJX Data Probe.
My MacBook Pro Experience - Day 28.

Intel’s vPro brand debuts in HP’s dc7700 desktop, manages the system even when off. Images.

Exclusive interview: Jim Whimpey of Useless Account.
Tech earnings:
Akamai Tech Beats Estimates.

EDS profit almost doubles.
Riverbed trims loss; offers shares.
iPhone gets a launch date: June 15? When the Korean GOD awake, he gives us... the Samsung Ultra Smart F700.
Do consumables matter to IT?

Jobs and DRM the sequel:
Peter Rojas says RIAA misreads Jobs' open letter. Five reasons Jobs went anti-DRM now. Steve Jobs, DRM and eating money.
Why people hate SEO... (and why SMO is bulls$%t)
AMD cranks out new Opterons.

MySpace sales
may top $500 million.
A 'beauty function' for a better look.

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