Opera 10.50 beta - First Look

Taking a first look at Opera 10.50 beta.

Taking a first look at Opera 10.50 beta.

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Lots of new features present in this latest beta:

  • Faster JavaScript engine - The Caraken engine is some 8x faster than the predecessor, faster than Google Chrome!
  • Easy-to-use search engine - A search bar ...
  • Vega graphics engine - Fast, super-smooth graphics engine
  • Turbo Boost - Speed up browsing with server-side tech from Opera
  • Smart address bar - Pretty much standard on modern browsers
  • Private browsing - Browse without leaving a trace
  • Enhanced standards compliance - Features from HTML 5 and CSS 3, such as video support and enhanced effects
  • Enhanced dialog box - Now displayed as page overlays ... nice!




Currently, 10.50 beta is only available for the Windows platform.

All in all, a really nice beta that makes me take a new, fresh look at Opera!

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