Opera Touch for iOS allows users to block annoying cookie dialogs

The feature, which was first introduced in Opera for Android, is now available to both iOS and Android users of Opera Touch.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Opera Touch for iOS

While the recent introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may have allowed web users to have better control over their privacy, it has also meant that users have had to contend with complex and confusing popups and dialog screens related to privacy practices and policies.

If you find this annoying, then you need Opera Touch, because it is the first major browser allowing people to control whether they want to see those annoying cookie dialogs, or to have them dealt with automatically.

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With a simple flip of a switch, Opera Touch can remove those cookie alert dialogs that litter pages, helping to bring annoyance-free web browsing to iPhone and iPad users.

According to Opera, the feature "will allow users to block dialog attempts using a combination of CSS rules and JavaScript heuristics," and has "been tested on more than 15000 of the Web's most popular websites," and that this feature is under continuous development to ensure the broadest possible support.

This is one of the many new and innovative features that have been added to Opera Touch for iOS and Android since its launch. Other features include a dark theme, cryptocurrency mining protection, the ability to share notes, images and links between your devices, and a myriad of visual improvements, ranging from better screen transitions to refined graphics.

Download Opera Touch for iOS here (free), and Opera Touch for Android here (also free).

Opera Touch for iOS

Opera Touch for iOS

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