Oracle launches innovation lab in Brazil

The facility moves to a coworking space and will focus on projects related to emerging technologies in partnership with startups and customers.

Oracle has launched a new innovation lab in Brazil to co-create innovation projects alongside clients and startups.

Previously based at the company's offices in Brazil, the local version of Oracle's innovation lab was mainly based on online collaboration platforms.

The new physical facility is based in São Paulo launched last week and operates from a coworking space, where it is now able to use equipment and prototyping in its innovation initiatives.

Key areas of focus for the innovation lab will include Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects.

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"Our mission is to contribute to the expansion of innovation in Brazil. That is why we have created this knowledge exchange space operating on several fronts, such as Customer Experience, Industry 4.0, Big Data and others," says Oracle Brazil's president Rodrigo Galvão.

According to Oracle, recent achievements of the Brazilian innovation team include demos in areas such as facial recognition, virtual reality focused on buying experience, digital banking with loan simulation through AI and others. All projects run on Oracle's cloud environment.

The coworking space where the innovation lab is based is also home to the ventures participating in Oracle's local version of its startup accelerator.

Galvão believes that this proximity should be advantageous to the company as it drives innovation projects forward.

"The idea is to generate more synergy so that everyone can benefit from the projects. The startups of various sectors of our program are very close and, being in the same environment as Oracle Innovation Labs, will certainly enrich the generation of ideas and insights," Galvão concludes.