Google Pixelbook Chrome OS tablet, aka Nocturne, likely coming in October

Google is holding a hardware event in October and in addition to the rumored Pixel 3 devices we are likely to see some kind of Chrome OS device or two. Kevin Tofel did some digging and made some intriguing discoveries.
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It's now been about 10 months since I replaced the Surface Pro 4 with a Google Pixelbook as my primary home/office computer. With the recent release of Chrome version 69 with Linux app support, the Pixelbook continues to improve.

While I use my Pixelbook in laptop configuration 95 percent of the time, others want a Pixelbook tablet with optional keyboard attachment. My MoTR podcast co-host, Kevin Tofel, has been doing some serious investigative work and made some recent discoveries that show a Chrome OS tablet, aka Nocturne, is likely to be announced in a couple of weeks.

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Kevin first found that two Brydge keyboards might be coming for this tablet and then that led to his discovery of the actual tablet device. You may recall that Brydge makes some fantastic keyboards for devices like the iPad and Surface Pro so having a Brydge keyboard for a Google Chrome OS tablet would be fantastic.

Image: Kevin Tofel

The Brydge website had a couple of images of this rumored tablet in the keyboard and those images led to a few bits of information about this likely tablet. These include at least one USB-C port, two extended length speaker grills, flat power button that is likely also a fingerprint scanner, multiple microphone holes for the possible acoustic echo cancellation, and a display resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels.

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Some other evidence this Brydge keyboard is for a Google device is the Google Assistant button and other utility and system keys that closely match what I see in front of me on my Google Pixelbook. While this is exciting news for those who work in tablet mode, I don't see myself upgrading my Pixelbook. Then again, we'll have to see what is revealed on 9 October.

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