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Part of a ZDNet Special Feature: Coronavirus: Business and technology in a pandemic

Roundup: Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic delivers array of cybersecurity challenges

As the COVID-19 outbreak threatens to overload the healthcare system and the global economy, it's also having a powerful impact on the security of businesses and individuals.

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Coronavirus: Business and technology in a pandemic

From cancelled conferences to disrupted supply chains, not a corner of the global economy is immune to the spread of COVID-19.

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All the latest news on the intersection of cybersecurity and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus and home working: Cyber criminals shift focus to target remote workers

Hackers will look to exploit the increase in remote working - and healthcare facilities could be targeted with cyberattacks, warns police agency.

This tiny country is posting the names and locations of quarantined citizens

Balkan authorities resort to publishing personal data online to stem the coronavirus outbreak.

How to prevent your Zoom meetings being Zoom-bombed (gate-crashed) by trolls

If you don't take care, you could find your meetings being gate-crashed or Zoom-bombed, potentially causing havoc and mayhem.

D-Link and Linksys routers hacked to point users to coronavirus-themed malware

Hackers hijack routers' DNS settings to point users to malware-infected downloads.

VPN use surges as coronavirus outbreak prompts huge rise in remote working

The rise in working from home in the last few weeks has seen VPN usage rise rapidly in many countries.

Europol eradicates criminal gangs flogging fake coronavirus medicine, surgical masks

€13 million in potentially dangerous drugs, touted as coronavirus cures or immune system boosters, have been seized so far.

WHO chief emails claiming to offer coronavirus drug advice plant keyloggers on your PC

Fraudsters are trying to capitalize on fears surrounding the illness in new phishing campaigns.

US, Israel, South Korea, and China look at intrusive surveillance solutions for tracking COVID-19

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak spreads across the world, some governments are deploying or exploring the idea of deploying privacy-intrusive solutions for tracking the disease's spread.

DOJ says it will prioritize the prosecution of coronavirus crimes

Attorney General William P. Barr urged the American public to report all cases of COVID-19 scams and fraud.

With everyone working from home, VPN security has now become paramount

DHS, SANS, NJCCIC, and Radware warn companies about securing enterprise VPN servers in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

Thousands of COVID-19 scam and malware sites are being created on a daily basis

Malware authors and fraudsters aren't letting a tragedy go to waste.

Internet's largest social networks issue joint statement on COVID-19 misinformation

Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube put out joint statement promising to fight COVID-19 fraud and curb misinformation.

How cyber criminals are trying to exploit coronavirus fears

Hackers are trying to take advantage of the COVID-19 outbreak to deliver malware, steal bank details and more -- but there are ways to stay safe from these attacks.

HHS targeted by hackers as it responds to novel coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic

The number of cyberattacks looking to draft off the novel coronavirus pandemic are ramping.

Coronavirus-themed phishing attacks and hacking campaigns are on the rise

Opportunist crooks are exploiting coronavirus as part of their phishing attacks, malware, ransomware and more.

Czech hospital hit by cyberattack while in the midst of a COVID-19 outbreak

One of the Czech Republic's biggest COVID-19 testing laboratories hit by mysterious cyberattack.

State-sponsored hackers are now using coronavirus lures to infect their targets

Chinese, North Korean, and Russian government cyberspies caught using COVID-19-themed emails to infect victims with malware.

Employers are a trusted source of information about COVID-19 but face competition from disinformation

New data shows employees have strong trust in their employers as a source of information about COVID-19, but infrequent employer communication can leave employees vulnerable to disinformation.

COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and a security conference tries to play it down

If two attendees of your security conference were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, how would you let everyone know? Perhaps not quite in the way the RSA conference did.

Snake oil salesmen warning: DoJ, FTC are cracking down on fake coronavirus products

Don't even think about marketing 'coronavirus-curing' goods, the agencies have warned.

Spying concerns raised over Iran's official COVID-19 detection app

Google removes Iran's official COVID-19 detection app from the Play Store.

Nasty phishing scams aim to exploit coronavirus fears

Phoney emails about health advice and more are being used to steal login credentials and financial details.

Coronavirus misinformation spreading fast: Fake news on COVID-19 shared far more than CDC, WHO reports

Content engagement on false and misleading news about the COVID-19 virus illness is over 142 times that of legitimate and expert sources such as the CDC and WHO, according to NewsGuard.

Coronavirus: How hackers are exploiting the epidemic to steal your information

Karen Roby interviewed a cybersecurity expert about a different threat than COVID-19 brings.