Salesforce rolls out Rebate Management tool for B2B sales

The new platform integrates out-of-the-box into any Salesforce product and gives all employees and channel partners visibility into rebate programs.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Salesforce on Tuesday is rolling out Rebate Management, a new tool for companies that use distributor networks to sell their products. Rebate Management promises to give all employees at a company visibility into rebate programs, integrating out-of-the-box into any Salesforce product. It also gives channel partners insight into how they're benefitting from rebate programs. 

A range of industries tap into distributor networks for sales, including consumer goods, manufacturing and the auto industry. They use rebate programs to reward channel partners that order a certain number of products or spend a certain amount of money. 

Typically, rebate programs are monitored by finance teams by with back-office ERP systems, point solutions or simple spreadsheets. Rebate Management offers more real-time insight into programs, for finance teams as well as sales and distribution teams. Employees can use the tool to automate and customize rebate programs, while channel partners can make sure they're on track to earn rebates. 

The new product -- which complements Salesforce's recently-announced Loyalty Management service -- fits in with Salesforce's ongoing mission to move beyond basic CRM and take on enterprise software giants like SAP and Oracle.



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