​Samsung makes 2.4Gbps per pin 8GB DRAM dubbed Aquabolt

Samsung Electronics has begun production of a 2.4Gbps per pin 8GB HBM2 DRAM branded Aquabolt that can be used for supercomputers and AI solutions.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

The second generation HBM2 DRAM is aimed at supercomputers and AI solutions.

Samsung has begun production of its 2.4Gbps per pin "second-generation" 8GB HBM2 (High Bandwidth Memory) DRAM dubbed Aquabolt, the company announced.

The latest DRAM can process 307GB of data in one second, the South Korean tech giant said. By having four packages of the DRAM, a system can process 1.2TB of data per second.

Samsung achieved 2.4Gbps by stacking 8 levels of 8Gb chips on a buffer chip.

The new product is a super-premium offering, Samsung said, and is aimed at supercomputers, artificial intelligence solutions, and graphics cards.

By pushing the product alongside its predecessor Flarebolt, which offered 1.6Gbps and 2Gbps, the company said it will expand to claim triple its share in HBM2 DRAM.

The South Korean tech giant reaped record profits from its chip business last year. The company expects 53.6 trillion won in operating profits for 2017, near double that of the previous year. Its semiconductor business is estimated to have contributed 35 trillion won to the total.

The company is the world's largest memory chip vendor, in both DRAM and NAND. Samsung toppled Intel as the number one in semiconductor revenue last year for the first time in 24 years.

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