Singtel will give free mobile data to people that walk

Customers will receive 3GB of mobile for walking 10,000 steps daily for a month.
Written by Campbell Kwan, Contributor

Singtel customers can now earn additional mobile data by walking around the city-state.

Partnering with life insurance provider AIA, Singtel has introduced a new platform, called StepUp, that tracks how many steps a customer makes each day to give them the opportunity to earn local mobile data.

Customers can earn up to 3GB of mobile data depending on the number of steps they take each month. 

With 3GB of extra mobile data, Singtel customers will be able to add an extra hour of high-definition Netflix streaming every month.

Participants are awarded points based on a daily cumulative points system where the more the more steps a person takes, the more points they will receive. For example, a person who takes 2,500 steps on a particular day will receive 10 points, while a person who takes 5,000 steps will receive those 10 points plus an additional 20 points, with Singtel customers being able to earn up to 100 cumulative points per day if they reach 10,000 steps.


Singtel's StepUp cumulative points-based system

(Image: Singtel)

Singtel customers that earn 1,000 points by the end of the month will receive 1GB of mobile data while customers that have 3,000 points in that same time period -- which would require 10,000 steps daily in a month -- will receive 3GB of mobile data.

"We want to encourage healthy lifestyles and wellness, and with StepUp, customers will be rewarded for their efforts to keep fit. We are always trying to find ways to offer customers products, services and perks to complement their digital lifestyles," Singtel CEO of Consumer Singapore Yuen Kuan Moon said.

"Our partnership with AIA marks a shared commitment to champion the importance of staying active for life."

From August 1, Stepup will also also offer lifestyle rewards from AIA, such as movie tickets, coffee, and ride-hailing vouchers for Singtel customers that partake in AIA's vitality challenges. An example of these challenges include walking 10,000 steps for 3 out of 7 days, which will allow Singtel customers to redeem a pair of SG$3 Golden Village Vouchers.

According to FitBit, completing 10,000 steps each day typically burns about 2,000 to 3,500 extra calories each week. For scale, a large Big Mac meal in Singapore has around 1,300 calories.

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StepUp is available to Singtel postpaid customers on the Singtel app. 

Last month, Singtel also introduced the digital self-registration service, electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC), allowing customers to digitally register their prepaid mobile sim cards without needing to visit a Singtel representative.

The telco is also currently running a project, called Unboxed, an "unmanned pop-up store designed to introduce customers to a new retail experience featuring the convenience of digital technology in a friendly store environment".

Open 24/7, Unboxed allows customers to consult with a roving live bot, powered by facial recognition technology, to receive personalised recommendations, try out phones, sign up for mobile plans at video-assisted self-serve kiosks, collect purchases on the spot, and browse and buy accessories such as headphones, phone cases, power banks, and handsets.  


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