​SK Telecom uses IoT network for rental car service

SK Telecom will use its LTE Cat M1 network to help SK Networks manage the cars for its rental service.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

SK Telecom and its affiliate SK Networks have teamed up to apply an Internet of Things (IoT) network into the latter's car rental service, the companies have announced.

The South Korean telco will provide its LTE Cat M1 network to allow its affiliate to check the status of its cars in real time. The network, which was commercialised in April, is low power and has a data transfer rate of 300Kbps.

SK Networks said it will use the network to check the engine status, usage, and malfunction codes of the cars that it lends out.

The two also plan to develop a service where they will measure the driving habits of customers, and can give them as scores for discounts.

The car tracking service will be developed into an integrated car monitoring and management solution at a later date, the companies said. SK Telecom will apply its Smart Fleet connected car platform.

The South Korean telco has been using its IoT network for various services; in August, it launched a children and pet tracker that uses the LTE Cat M1 network.

The company also launched various connected car services, announcing a home-to-car AI service with compatriot Hyundai Motor in July.

It is also partnered with BMW for a connected car service that will utilise its 5G network, which will be rolled out next year.

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