SugarCRM announces new AI engine for marketing automation

The company said SugarPredict will help facilitate marketing lead qualification and prioritization using AI-powered predictive lead scoring.

SugarCRM is expanding the reach of its SugarPredict AI engine, announcing on Tuesday that the platform will now be used for marketing automation and other tasks related to sales, and customer service teams.

The company, which offers customer relationship management systems, said SugarPredict will help their customers leverage AI for marketing lead qualification and prioritization. 

The new service will allow companies to take advantage of AI's prediction capabilities without having to carry the burden of technical expertise or onerous costs, according to SugarCRM. 

SugarCRM CEO Craig Charlton said companies from a variety of industries had told him they were frustrated by the high maintenance required by their CRM. 

"Our industry is supposed to make the customer experience easier to manage with technology. It's time to make customer experience technology easier to manage too," Charlton said. 

"Extending SugarPredict to marketing automation is another proof point for our value proposition of letting the platform do the work."

The company has long been a major player in the marketing, sales, and customer service world for its cloud-based and now AI-driven platform.

With predictive lead scoring, the SugarPredict system can analyze engagement and conversion data from Sugar Market using AI, according to the company. SugarPredict was previously only in Sugar Sell but is now being expanded to all Sugar Market customers.

The company released a study this year showing that more than half of all customers surveyed were questioning the value of their CRM systems, believing it to be costing them revenue. Customer service departments are also struggling to gain a better understanding of their customers, and the company said the new platform would be able to combine all of the data on customers in a better way. 

Joe DiLeo, vice president of business technology at Positive Promotions, said in a statement that he believed the new platform would help his company use its 75-year history to its benefit. 

"We believe the new AI models for Sugar Market are very compelling and will help us efficiently leverage our existing customer base as well as calibrate our efforts to capture new opportunities. Insights into behavior will allow us to streamline the customer experience and offerings to better meet demand and drive the right kind of business growth," DiLeo said.