T-Mobile's leaked 2011 roadmap details tons of new phones, many unannounced

Ahead of a possible acquisition by AT&T, T-Mobile is planning a variety of devices large and small. Is there something for you?
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor

T-Mobile may be close to getting picked up by AT&T, but that isn't stopping the company from planning a fairly busy 2011. ThisIsMyNext has gotten its hands on T-Mobile's 2011 device roadmap - and its a packed one.

According to the schedule, June 8th will mark the release of HTC's Sensation 4G, the Exhibit 4G (formerly "Hawk") and Huawei's E587, which also goes by, inexplicably, "Wayne." Samsung closes out the month with the Gravity 4 on June 29th.

In July, T-Mobile will bring the myTouch 4G Slide and T-Mobile Wildfire S, formerly known as "Marvel."

August is the month for BlackBerry fans: The BlackBerry Bold Touch lands on August 17th, followed two weeks later by the "Apollo", which is actually just an upgrade to the BlackBerry Curve.

In a similar mythological vein, Samsung's Hercules, a phone only recently uncovered, lands in September. Nokia's Neuron 4G shares the month.

Notably absent on the roadmap is a T-Mobile version of the iPhone, which while the subject of much recent speculation, has yet to materialize.

In all T-Mobile's 2011 should give T-Mobile subscribers some faith that their carrier of choice still has a lot of fight in it. Thisismynext has the full scoop.

[Via Thisismynext]

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