Target Black Friday ad arrives with Apple iPad Pro for $449, iPad Air 2 for $274

The retailer offers the first deals on iPads, providing actual discounts instead of selling them at full price with store gift cards like in past years.


Target is offering Kindle Fire tablet deals as a Thanksgiving doorbuster.

As Black Friday approaches, the ad from one of the big guns has leaked. Target is the first to fall -- we're still waiting on Best Buy and Walmart -- and as befits its status as one of the nation's leading retailers, it's the first one to include any Apple iPads, the former darling of Black Friday ads. And in a break from the past couple of years, the store appears to be offering straight-up discounts rather than selling the tablets for the full price then giving out store gift cards as the enticement.

Target highlights three Apple tablets in particular, including the iPad Pro, which has typically not been the, ahem, target of discounts. The base 9.7-inch model, regularly priced at $599, will be $150 less on Black Friday. If you look the size but don't need the more advanced features of the Pro, Target also has the iPad Air 2 for $274, or $125 less than the regular price. Finally, the venerable iPad mini 2 comes in just under $200 ($199.79) or about $70 less than Apple's current price.

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Despite tablets having stagnated in the markets, Target has a few other ones as Black Friday specials. Joining BJ's Wholesale and Staples, it will have Amazon's Kindle Fire 7-inch slate on sale for $33.33 as a 6 p.m. Thanksgiving doorbuster, along with the Kids Edition of the same tablet for $74.99 ($25 off the regular price). The retailer is also offering the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A for $99.99, though BJ's will have it for $10 less and throw in a 16GB microSD card. A cheaper Android option is an10.1-inch Polaroid with Bluetooth keyboard for a mere $59.99.

Target even has a laptop as part of its Black Friday lineup, though surprisingly not a Chromebook. Instead, it's offering an HP 15-ba042nr notebook with an AMD A10 quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, terabyte hard drive, 15.6-inch display and even a built-in DVD drive for $259.99, or $140 off the current price. We'll have to wait a little longer to see if the other big boys have similar iPad deals, or if they'll stay with the full-price-plus-gift-card tactic for another year.