Target offering up to $150 in store gift cards for Apple iPads, iWatch on Black Friday 2015

The retailer isn't cutting the price on any iPad, but it will have deals on dirt-cheap Android tablets for under $50.


It's become a bit of a Black Friday tradition for Target to offer store gift cards as an enticement to get consumers to buy an iPad through its stores rather than looking for sales on Apple's tablets at the few competitors that can offer discounts. Two years ago, the maximum amount Target provided was $100, which increased to $140 in 2014.


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The tradition continues this year, as the company's just-leaked Black Friday ad shows. As in years past, Target will be selling iPads for the full retail price, but sweeten things with store credit. In a bit of good news, that maximum amount has increased again, with the retailer willing to part with a $150 Target card if you purchase any version of the iPad Air 2. Those who don't mind securing the first-generation Air can obtain $100 in store credit with their purchase.

That same amount is available if you choose to buy a new iPad mini 4, whereas the older iPad mini 2 nets you an $80 gift card. The Apple Watch is unlikely to see many deals this Black Friday, so if you are in the market for one, the $100 gift card that Target is offering might be the best special you'll find. Of course, you'll pay the full price ($349 and up) for the Watch just as with the iPads.

Target's other tablet tradition is found in the opposite direction. It markets second-tier Android slates for extremely low prices (if not the $20 that has been predicted). Last year, it had a $40 7-inch tablet and a $70 8-inch one both from RCA, but this year an 8-inch RCA device will be available for $39.99. If you want one with a wireless keyboard to carry along, you can grab a 9-inch Polaroid running Android 4.4 KitKat for $49.99. If you want a more upscale Android tablet, there's a deal on the 9.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A for $229.99, the same price for which Staples will be selling it, but once again, Target tacks on a $30 store gift card to make its sale a slightly better proposition.