TechNet accidentally leaks Windows 7 Release Candidate information

A page accidentally published on TechNet earlier today leaked some interesting information about the Windows 7 Release Candidate.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

A page accidentally published on TechNet earlier today leaked some interesting information about the Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate).

Note: As you might expect, the page is no longer available.

What we have here is:

  • A publish date (set to may 2009)
  • An expiry date of June 1, 2010
  • System requirements

Published:  May 2009

Download instructions

Welcome to Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) testing.  We’re on our way to Windows 7, and the RC is a great opportunity for IT professionals like you to take Windows 7 and begin testing it in your real environment. You get to see what’s coming, and we get to see if our changes and fixes from the Beta testing are working correctly.  We want to encourage you to install and actively test the RC code. This will help us ensure Windows 7 is the best possible release, and help you get ready for Windows 7 deployment.

Here’s what you need to know:

This is pre-release software, so please read the following to get an idea of the risks and key things you need to know before you try the RC.

  • You don’t need to rush to get Windows 7 RC. The RC release will be available at least through June 2009 and we’re not limiting the number of product keys, so you have plenty of time.
  • Watch the calendar. Windows 7 RC will expire on June 1, 2010. So if you install the RC release you’ll either need to upgrade to the final version of Windows 7 before that date, or install a prior version of Windows. (For more about installing Windows, see installation instructions.
  • Protect your PC and data . Be sure to back up your data and please don’t test Windows 7 RC on your primary home or business PC.
  • Technical details/updates: before installing the RC please read the Release Notes, and Things to Know for important information about the release.
  • Keep up with the news. You can keep up with general technical information and news by following the Springboard Series blog or Windows team blog. Want technical guidance, tips, and tools? Visit the Springboard Series on TechNet. And, you can get non-technical news, tips, and offers on the Springboard Series on TechNet
  • Keep your PC updated: Be sure turn on automatic updates in Windows Update in case we publish updates for the RC.
  • Microsoft Partners: Learn more about Windows 7on the Microsoft Partner Portal.

Here’s what you need to have:

  • Internet access (to download Windows 7 RC and get updates)
  • A PC with these minimum recommended specifications: - 1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor or higher - 1 GB of system memory or more - 16 GB of available disk space - Support for DirectX 9 graphics with 128 MB memory (to enable the Aero theme) - DVD-R/W Drive Please note these specifications could change. And, some product features of Windows 7, such as the ability to watch and record live TV or navigation through the use of "touch," may require advanced or additional hardware.

Get the download

The 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 RC are available in five languages: English, German, Japanese, French, and Spanish. (Note: The RC version will not be available in Hindi or Arabic.) Just choose the version that fits the system you'll be using, pick your language, and click go to register for and download the RC.

Downloading the Windows 7 RC could take a few hours. The exact time will depend on your provider, bandwidth, and traffic. The good news is that once you start the download, you won't have to answer any more questions – you can walk away while it finishes. If your download gets interrupted, it will restart where it left off. See this FAQ for details.

Existing TechNet Plus subscribers, download the Windows 7 RC software here. Not a subscriber yet?  Learn more about TechNet Plus.

Select the Windows 7 RC version you want to download

Choose between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions, based on the version of Windows you are currently running and your machine’s hardware configuration. Each version is available in five languages:  English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

Download the 32-bit (x86)  version:

Select Your LanguageEnglishFrenchGermanJapaneseSpanish

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