These are the things Apple customers hate the most (there's a lot)

A Reddit thread asks a simple question: What example of Apple's nickel and diming has annoyed you the most? And goodness are Apple customers annoyed.
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer

You put up with these things because it's Apple.

You put up with them because you still, for some blind reason, think Cupertino has elements of heart mixed in with its vast enthusiasm for profit-taking.

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Yet when someone asks you what annoys you the most about Apple products, you might just begin to vent.

Apple customers huddle together in many places to whisper about their enthusiasms and woes. On Reddit, however, the r/Apple community has 875,000 subscribers who, on Thursday, were suddenly invited to kvetch.

The question was simple enough: "What example of Apple's nickel-and-diming has annoyed you the most?"

Immediately, a cascade. Actually, the person who posed the question -- handle u/irrealewunsche -- thought they'd offer a few suggestions to start things off:

Removing the 3.5mm/lightning adapter from the iPhones, dropping the replacement nib for the new Pencil, the crappy USB-C cable provided with the new iPad Pros, that only supports USB 2 capabilities.

But that wasn't the worst, said the questioner. The very, very worst was:

The 5GB of cloud storage that they provide. 5GB is a piss poor amount to start with, but the fact they only provide it once, regardless of how many devices you own, and what capacity those devices hold, is just being mean for the sake of it.

Apple really does sound like the meanest of the mean, doesn't it?

Naturally, there were many more gripes.

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The lack of extension cable for the Macbook Pro charger, the excessive number of variants of MacBooks, the iPhone XR's mere existence, the Mac Pro's continued existence, and the lack of storage on a 15-inch Pro.

And how about this plaintive cry from someone with the handle illustrioussandwich:

They are still selling 4K iMacs with 5400RPM spinning hard drive, which coincidentally is the same speed Steve Jobs is spinning in his grave when he heard about it.

They were only just started.

Then there was the poor local file management capabilities on the iPad and the fact that "the USBC cable included in MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models is only capable of transferring data at 2.0 speeds."

Let's not forget, said one Apple-lover, that "on the new Mac Mini, going from 128 to 256 costs $200, and so does going from 256 to 512."

They really aren't happy, are they?

How about: "Buying the USB-C power brick only to find there's no way to connect the power brick to a laptop. Had to go back to buy the USB-C cable."

And then there's having to pay $10, plus $8 shipping for a replacement Apple Pencil cap.

Apple customers are extremely detail-oriented, it seems. One laments that there's no longer a cleaning cloth that comes with a MacBook. Actually, many in this thread did.

Many objected to the price of every single dongle and the fact that Apple Pencil doesn't come free with the iPad Pro.

And then there's the so-called Apple Tax. Pay more, just because it's Apple. One disgruntled Apple customer calculates that there's a 400 percent tax on Flash storage and a 200 percent tax on RAM.

Repair costs drive many of these people to demented rage. So does the removal of MagSafe, the battery status indicator LED and the Standby Status LED from the MacBook Pro.

There was this painful tale:

I went to an Apple store to get my iPhone 6s battery replaced. As I was signing the paperwork, I was told that the process could crack my glass screen protector. I was then pointed towards the screen protector shelf so I could buy a new one while I waited. I was so mad.

Perhaps my favorite was this: "They wanted to charge me $100 to replace the rubber feet on my MacBook Pro."

What? Only $100?

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Finally, someone asked the vital question: "I mean, at this point with you being so aware of Apple's BS, why even bother to keep subjecting yourself to their products?"

One answer:

It really depends on how dependent you are on the 'ecosystem'. I convinced myself I was dependent on it, as I thought it'd be too inconvenient to switch. It really wasn't though. Much prefer Android / Windows life, despite missing a few things about Apple. I do have a Mac mini that I use exclusively for Logic Pro though.

You see, despite the pain, you can never quite get away.

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