This iPhone XS case transforms into a wireless charging USB powerbank

This ingenious iPhone XS/iPhone X cover comes complete with a wireless charging powerbank that you can use to either double the life of your iPhone or top up other devices.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

I've never been a big fan of cases for iPhones that feature an integrated powerbank because they mean losing the Lightning port. The new UGREEN 3600mAh Battery Case Charger for the iPhone XS and iPhone X changes all that, and transforms it into a neat, usable product.

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So what's different about this case?

Well, first is that it comes in two parts (three if you count the charging cable).

The first part is a rubberized case that fits neatly over the iPhone XS or iPhone X. It offers decent protection against knocks and drops, and the inside is lined with a microfiber fabric that prevents scratching. As well as adding some protection, the case also adds some much-needed grip to the iPhone.

The second part is a 3,600mAh power bank with built-in wireless charging coil. This attaches - quite firmly - to the case using strategically placed magnets and can be used to keep the iPhone's battery topped up.

This means that rather than using the Lightning port to deliver power, it makes use of the wireless charging coil found inside the newer iPhones.

UGREEN 3600mAh Battery Case Charger for the iPhone XS and iPhone X

Unlike many of the other powerbank cases I've tried, this one also feels pretty ergonomic in the hand when in use. It does add quit a bit of weight to the iPhone XS though, weighing in at 10.6 oz/300.5 g, compared to the 6.2 oz/177 g the iPhone XS weighs in at.

The powerbank turns on automatically when attached to the case, and turns itself off when unhooked.

Along with a microUSB port that's used to charge the powerbank, it also features a USB-A port that allows charging cables for other devices to be connected to it. You can also pop other Qi-compatible wireless charging devices on top of the power bank to charge up too.

It's all very neat. It's very versatile and I like it a lot.

The UGREEN 3600mAh Battery Case Charger costs $29.99 and is available from Amazon.com.

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