This tiny smart home security device is really popular

Demand seems to be high for the next generation of home security.
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If you've ever used a home security system, you know they can be a pain to operate. It makes you wonder how many people get the service just to stick the security yard sign in their front lawn without bothering with the alarm.

Wouldn't it be nice to see the message "All is calm at home" on your phone while you're on vacation, without asking a friend to stop by everyday.

Get ready for Home Security 2.0 in the form of Canary.

This little device aims to make home security simple. By using an array of sensors -- to track everything from temperature change to motion detection to air quality -- the device can let you know if anything in your home seems out of place and alerts you through your smartphone. Just plug it in and the device starts monitoring your house. Here's the promo video:

Meet Canary from canary on Vimeo.

Apparently this product is filling a niche in home security, as the developers of the product seem to have vastly underestimated demand. Originally asking $100,000 to get this new product out there, the developers have already raised nearly $1.5 million on Indiegogo, at the time of this post, with seven days left on the campaign.

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