Twitter rolls out Bootstrap toolkit for developing web apps

Twitter is introducing a new toolkit for developers building web-based applications more rapidly in CSS.

Much like Flickr today, Twitter is rolling out some new tools to make app building easier and more feature-friendly for developers.

Dubbed as Bootstrap, the front-end toolkit is being touted by Twitter as a way for developers to build web apps "rapidly" on CSS but in a cleaner, more uniform fashion. Some of the base styles included in the kit are grids, typography, form layouts, popovers, and navigation, among others.

In fact, Bootstrap at its core is actually CSS, but Twitter developers wrote on their official blog that Bootstrap was built with Less, which is a "flexible pre-processor that offers much more power and flexibility than regular CSS." It also brings in additional features such as nested declarations, variables, and color functions.

Basically, developers can just drop their code in, wait for it to be compiled via Javascript or Node.js, and then the result is "simple and powerful CSS."

Twitter is backing its new solution up with its own work as Twitter developers affirmed that Bootstrap is one of the "many go-to front-end tools" they use when creating new applications and sites.


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