What do you want from the next iPhone?

What do you want from the next generation iPhone?If evidence is to be believed, we may have new iPhone hardware in our hands by June.

What do you want from the next generation iPhone?

If evidence is to be believed, we may have new iPhone hardware in our hands by June. (ZDNet Apple Core blogger Jason D. O'Grady thinks so, too.)

Why? Leave it to the too-much-time-on-their-hands MacRumorers to discover that the next-generation iPhone is indeed on its way: The site says it has discovered within Apple's iPhone 2.x Firmware evidence of the next-generation iPhone, designated "iPhone2,1".

Apple uses the model numbers to distinguish between different hardware models: the original iPhone carries the model number of "iPhone 1,1" and the iPhone 3G is numbered "iPhone 1,2".

The numbers do not change for "refreshed" models (such as increases in storage) and instead represent functionally different devices.

(Similarly, the iPod Touch was originally introduced as the "iPod 1,1" and the most recent hardware revision -- which added a speaker, volume controls, microphone support and a faster processor -- was labeled "iPod2,1".)

The new model number can be found in the USBDeviceConfiguration.plist in unencrypted firmware.

Additionally, according to the site, "at least one developer has noticed actual 'iPhone2,1' models in use based on PinchMedia ad serving reports."

So what should we expect in the next iPhone? Well, rumor has it that the next incarnation of the device may support multi-core CPUs and possibly multi-core GPUs from Imagination Technologies.

(Over the past year, Apple has been building a team of chip engineers to participate in their own ARM processor designs that will presumably be used in future iPhones.)

Apple skipper Phil Schiller previously outlined Apple's natural product timelines and acknowledged that June is the usual timeframe for major iPhone revisions, with storage increases possible anytime.

What would you like in the next iPhone?


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