"Wheelie-ing Elvi" demonstrate latest in LED attire

LEDs light up Elvis act.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor on

This item comes courtesy of Texas Instruments, which is a big proponent of innovative uses for LEDs because its market position in said technology. One of the TI team happens to have a connection with the Wheelie-ing Elvi, a motorcycle parade team from Houston, Texas. The group is now wearing LED to make the most of its night performances.

Exhibit A:

I'm proud to say that my husband Joe has also seen the light as far as LEDs; he won a contest this fall for the best "digital" lights on his chopper. You may think this is all rather frivolous, but frankly, my husband rides a lot at night and I worry much less about cars failing to see him on the highway now that he's added the LED bling.

Of course, TI is interested in promoting its own position in LED, which is why it has pointed on the Elvi connection. The company recently published a "cookbook" with reference designs for how to use LEDs in automotive, backlighting and other settings.

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