Will MagSafe replace Lightning on the iPhone 2021?

Apple is continually waging war on unnecessary ports. MagSafe is the clearest indication that the iPhone's Lightning is on the way out.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

It's been pretty clear for some time now that the introduction of the Lightning port on the iPhone was a temporary stopgap on the way to the iPhone going completely port-free and wireless.

It makes sense.

First off, Apple is continually waging war on unnecessary ports. The current lineup of Macs and MacBooks is a testament to that. It's pretty much USB-C ports and the stalwart headphone jack everywhere.

The iPhone is down to a single port -- the Lightning port -- but the iPhone 12 launch gave us a peek at the future of the iPhone.


Apple MagSafe for iPhone

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In case you missed the iPhone 12 launch event because you were so engrossed with Amazon Prime Day, here's a quick rundown.

You know how it's annoying when you throw your phone onto a wireless charging mat, and you're in too much of a hurry to get it lined up properly, so you end up with an uncharged phone? Well, Apple has fixed that by using magnets around the charging coil. These magnets work to align the coil to the charging mat (much like how the charging works for the Apple Watch).

Oh, you'll need a new charger to take advantage of MagSafe.

And of course, it wouldn't be Apple if it hadn't used MagSafe to open up a new overpriced accessories line.

And right there is the future for connectivity for the iPhone.

It makes sense for Apple to get rid of Lightning. It's a hole in the iPhone that allows dirt, schmoo, and liquids. It can get damaged.

It's also a component that needs to be fitted and takes up valuable space inside the iPhone.

It's also something that earns Apple a lot of money via licensing. But Apple has already licensed MagSafe to accessory maker Belkin, so a cash cow line of succession has been put in place.

It would not surprise me if next year we see an iPhone that does away with the Lightning port as soon as next year. It might be a particular model -- would it be the Pro or standard? -- or perhaps Apple will throw caution (and future Lightning licensing money) to the wind and go all in and switch all iPhones to wireless in one go.

None of this changes the fact that wireless charging is still slower than wired charging, and is horribly inefficient

But a Lightning-free iPhone is coming. The future of iPhone connectivity is MagSafe.

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