Windows 10 in 2020: Microsoft shows off faster Bluetooth pairing in 20H1 preview

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 preview of the 20H1 update offers more thoughtful notifications for Bluetooth pairing.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Microsoft's latest preview of Windows 10 20H1 brings improvements to the Bluetooth-pairing prompts and fixes a host of glitches for users on the Windows Insider Fast ring.

In Windows 10 version 1803, Microsoft introduced 'swift pair', allowing users to connect nearby Bluetooth devices from pop-out prompts and saving the hassle of opening settings to pair devices. 

Now the new Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18985 from the 20H1 branch enables faster pairing by removing one notification and including a 'dismiss' button. Previously, it only had a 'connect' button.

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And now the notification also displays the device name and category when that information is available. 

The Bluetooth pairing notifications currently work with Microsoft products, including the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, Surface Precision Mouse, Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse, Surface Mobile Mouse, Microsoft Arc Mouse, Surface Arc Mouse, and Surface Headphones. 

The new notification is rolling out to half of all users on the Windows Insider Fast ring and will roll out to additional users in future.

Microsoft is also working on improvements for optional updates, such as drivers, feature updates, and monthly non-security quality updates. 

All new updates will be listed in 'View optional updates' in Settings. Microsoft notes that Windows Update will automatically keep drivers up to date, but optional drivers could help solve a problem. 

Windows 10 users can test the features by joining the Windows Insider Fast ring. The update otherwise is scheduled for release around April 2020. 

The Windows 10 screenshot tool Snip & Sketch version 10.1907 is now coming to all Insiders in the Release Preview Ring as well as to some users on the mainstream release. 

The update brings a single window mode as the default setting, but users can change that in settings if they like multiple windows. There's also zoom support to help users make notes or sketch on images that are too small. 

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There's a host of bug fixes in this update too, including one that resulted in Task Manager showing "an unexpectedly high temperature for certain GPUs". 

Another bug that caused the setting for a device to go passwordless by requiring Windows Hello sign-ins was showing for local account users. Now it only shows for Microsoft account users. 

Microsoft has fixed a bug affecting the Reset a PC via cloud download option, which wasn't working when some optional features were installed.

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