Yes, you can buy a Windows 10-powered computer for $99

Want to buy an Intel powered computer with Windows 10 for $99? Just don't set your performance expectations too high.

It seems that most people who ask me questions about PCs these days want advice on picking up a cheap PC.

Now, if you want a full desktop system then I can point you to either ready-made systems, or I can tell you what parts to get if you want to build it yourself. But what if your budget is $99, and that needs to include Windows 10? Seems impossible, but it isn't.

Take a look at Lenovo's IdeaCentre Stick 300. This is a pocket-sized computer powered by a 64-bit quad-core Intel Atom Z3735F processor running at 1.33GHz, 2 GB of DDR3 1600 RAM, 32 GB of SSD flash storage, and Intel HD Graphics 5500.

And you also get Windows 10 Home thrown into the deal.

You plug the HDMI connector into a TV or monitor, hook up a keyboard and mouse (either wirelessly or to the USB ports) and away you go. There's even a microSD card slot to allow you to expand the storage.

If you really shop around, then you might be able to pick this up for under $90.

This system is great for those who want to browse the web, use social media, stream content, or even play the odd game (but don't expect stellar performance, remember this is a $99 all-in system).

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