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engin revs up VoIP

engin revs its VoIP product
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor
Telecommunications vendor engin has today released what it claims to be the first "broadly available"in major retailers voice over Internet protocol product.

The company - a subsidiary of Mobile Innovations Ltd -- said the Voice Box device can "assist households and SOHOs to reduce their phone bills by up to 40 percent".

The engin Voice Box is touted as allowing users to make and receive calls from any landline or mobile phone over a broadband Internet connection. The company adds that the device "does not require software to operate" and also "bypasses the need to even turn a computer on".

Mobile Innovations said customers will be issued with a ten digit number, and can make calls using a "normal phone...to anyone at anytime".

The chief executive officer of Mobile Innovations, Ilkka Tales, said the device gives customers the opportunity to "get more" from their broadband connections, as well as helping to reduce their phone bills.

"The competitive call rates now available through engin are likely to be the key driver for further take-up of broadband," she said.

The company said local and "intercapital city calls" will be charged at an untimed rate of AU10 cents per call, adding that engin to engin calls will not be charged.

International rates will begin at AU5 cents per minute, according to the company, for call going to the USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand. Mobile Innovations also claims that engin customers will not be forced to sign contracts and call connection fees are will not be charged.

The company states that customer bills will be available online, with "real time" updates, with other features such a voice mail and v-mail - e-mailed voice files -- also available.

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