The big stories on ZDNet this week: September 27, 2013

We take a look back at some of the major stories that broke September 23-27 — including Apple sales figures, BlackBerry's massive loss, Surface tablets, and Google security woes.
By Zack Whittaker, Contributor
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Microsoft launches Surface 2, priced at $449

ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley reported from the New York launch of the Surface 2. The software giant also introduced a new docking station, Power Cover, wireless adapter, and other new peripherals for the Windows-powered tablet.

Read more: Microsoft Surface 2 pricing starts at $449

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Apple sold nine million iPhone 5s, 5c smartphones in the first weekend

As Apple's chief executive Tim Cook said "initial supply" of the iPhone 5s sold out, many were left to wait for weeks for their new smartphones to arrive. Apple confirmed 200 million devices have upgraded to iOS 7 since it was first released.

Read more: iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c sales hit nine million in first weekend, says Apple

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Apple's iPhone fingerprint technology hacked

Less than two days after the iPhone 5s went on sale, German hackers were successful in creating a fake fingerprint that could spoof Apple's "advanced" biometric technology. But as ZDNet's Ed Bott explains, anyone who's been paying attention to biometrics shouldn't be surprised.

Read more: Apple's advanced fingerprint technology is hacked; should you worry?

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China drops its Great Firewall for Twitter and Facebook

China is looking at easing up and allowing access to previously banned sites and services, such as Facebook and Twitter, so long as users are within a sanctioned Shanghai free-trade zone.

Read more: China lets down its Great Firewall for Twitter and Facebook

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Apple unveils iMac refresh

Apple on Tuesday announced an updated iMac range, with new improved processors, graphics, Wi-Fi capabilities and faster flash storage options.

Read more: Apple unveils new iMac range 

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HTC faces U.S. Android import ban over patents

HTC faces a possible import ban over several Android devices after finding itself on the wrong end of a preliminary ruling by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) over two Nokia patents. ZDNet's Liam Tung reports.

Read more: HTC may face US Android import ban over two Nokia patents

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Amazon dishes out new Kindle Fire HDX range

First launched two years ago, the Kindle Fire brand has grown to be one of the best-selling products across Amazon's vast empire. Now, Amazon is dishing out its latest refresh of the popular Android tablet. ZDNet's Rachel King headed to Amazon HQ in Seattle, Wash. to find out more.

Read more: Amazon distancing itself from Apple's playbook with Kindle Fire HDX

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Nokia's Elop: I'm getting a divorce, so I'll hold on to that $25 million

Reports from Finnish media this week suggested Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop was asked to reconsider taking $25 million from the company he led for two years. He said it's not only up to him: it's also his soon-to-be ex-wife's money.

Read more: You can't take my $25 million, I'm getting a divorce: Nokia's Elop

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Microsoft's Surface Mini: Not until early 2014?

Microsoft may not get its first "Surface Mini" ARM-based tablet out the door until early 2014, which is looking like the same time when its Windows-based variants may get a refresh, sources tell ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley.

Read more: Microsoft's Surface Mini: Not until spring 2014?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may be region locked

Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 is available in Europe, and will coming to the U.S. in early October. But controversy stirred when European buyers noticed a sticker on the box indicating the long-awaited smartphone can only be used with a European SIM card.

Read more: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may be region locked, limiting worldwide usage

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Google glitch sends Hangouts, Talk chats to wrong recipients

Google acknowledged this week issue with Google Hangouts and Google Talk, which mistakenly sent messages to the wrong person. ZDNet's Australia bureau experienced this first-hand, and confirmed it was also an issue within enterprise-based Google Apps for Business accounts.

Read more: Google Hangouts/GTalk glitch sends chats to wrong recipients

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Google overhauls search engine with "Hummingbird"

A decade-and-a-half after Google was founded, the search giant announced this week a major update of its search engine: Hummingbird. This major change to the core algorithm is its biggest since the launch of "Caffeine" in 2010.

Read more: Hummingbird: Google overhauls search engine

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BlackBerry reports near-$1B loss, thanks to Z10 flop

BlackBerry sold around 5.9 million smartphones during its entire second quarter — which is a fair chunk less than the nine million smartphones Apple shifted in single a weekend. As a result, the company reported close to $1 billion in losses during the quarter. 

Read more: BlackBerry reports $965m loss, thanks to Z10 flop

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Ballmer bids farewell to Microsoft troops

Outgoing Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer, who announced in August he will retire, gave his final pep talk to thousands of employees at a companywide meeting on Thursday.

Read more: An emotional Ballmer bids farewell to Microsoft troops

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Samsung sends EU concessions package to avoid antitrust fine

The Korean electronics giant is in hot water with European antitrust regulators over the use of patents in lawsuits against Apple. Now it's offering more in a bid to avoid a massive fine of more than $18 billion.

Read more: Samsung sends EU concessions package to avoid antitrust fine

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