eMeet Luna hands-on: A superb Bluetooth speakerphone with nice extras

Hands on with the eMeet Luna Bluetooth speakerphone A superb upgrade with nice extras zdnet
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    8.5 Excellent


  • Under-body storage for dongle
  • Auto-off power
  • Intelligent noise cancelling


  • No carry case

eMeet has upgraded its popular Bluetooth speakerphone -- and the eMeet Luna Bluetooth speakerphone has all the nice-to-haves that is missing from the eMeet OfficeCore M2 speaker.

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During lockdown, I have been using these speakers a lot for video calls -- when I have not been using the Mu6 Space 2 noise-canceling headphones for private calls.

Although the speakers look similar, eMeet has made some nice changes in this model. The Luna has an all-metal body with a sound grille on top. Five LEDs indicate power, status, and battery level.

You can connect the Luna to your device using Bluetooth, USB, or the dongle supplied. The speaker also supports cascade mode. You can connect to other eMeet speakers with the daisy chain cable if you have a long conference table and need to spread the sound around.

Using the Bluetooth dongle means that the speaker automatically connects to the device as soon as it is switched on. Sound quality is good -- although, if you use it as a speaker for music, you might find the bass a little disappointing, yet the mid-ranges are excellent.

The Luna also has intelligent noise reduction, which reduces sounds caused by keyboards, chairs moving, and air conditioning. It also recognizes the volume of the sound and the distance so that it automatically balances the volume to minimize differences in sound output.

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When I tested this feature, the sound output was good, regardless of how close the other person was to their device.

The Luna will pick up sound equally from four people sitting around a six feet round table (we were social distancing for the call) and the sound heard by the remote user was impressive by all accounts.

The Luna is a similar size to the OfficeCore M2, with a diameter of about 4.5 inches and a height of one inch. It weighs just over 10 ounces. This model has a USB type C port for charging along with an in/out port and a security lock to secure it to your desk.

Its 2,600mAh battery easily lasts for two days' calls, and it powers a 3W output at maximum 89dB and has three microphones -- more than enough for an average-sized meeting room. To check the battery level, quickly press the power button, and the five LEDs will give an indicator of battery remaining.

Unfortunately, the Luna has no soft neoprene cover to carry it around, but as the dongle fits in the housing, the cover is not really needed. 

Buttons on the top of the speaker switch on or off the AI noise reduction, pick up and end phone calls, reduce or increase the volume, or mute the speaker in the room.

There is a Bluetooth button and a power button on top of the device too. Bluetooth connects really easily if you can not find the dongle, or you can use the direct AUX connection to your device.

eMeet has listened to its customers and made a few changes. A simple, but really useful modification is the space on the underside of the speaker to house the Bluetooth dongle.

Several times I have had to scrabble for my headphones before a call because I had mislaid the dongle on the OfficeCore M2. Now the dongle clips neatly into place underneath the Luna so I always know where it is.

Secondly, if I inadvertently leave the speaker switched on, after a while, it switches itself off. I did not notice the OfficeCore ever turning itself off after a period of inactivity, but the battery ran down if I left it for a day or so. The Luna is much more useful for forgetful people.

eMeet Luna

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All in all, for under $100 (and an on-page coupon for an extra 20% discount on Amazon), this is a superb stylish speaker, which is perfect for the medium-sized meeting room or small home office. As we move to doing more and more remote working, the eMeet Luna will satisfy all of your conferencing needs at a really good price.