Neabot NoMo Q11 robot vacuum review: multi-function, sweeping, mopping, and futuristic design

neabot NoMo Q11 review zdnet
  • Editors' rating
    7.8 Very good


  • Stylish and futuristic look
  • Auto-empty station
  • Easy to connect to app


  • Robot vacuum often cannot find charging dock
  • App does not have no-mop zones for carpeted areas

The Neabot NoMo Q11 robot vacuum looks 'futuristic-retro' -- quite unlike most of the other robot vacuums I have looked at so far. The robot body itself does not look all that different to other brands I have reviewed -- it does; however, it has a nice blue pulsing light where the controls are and a low profile.

The self-emptying dustbin unit looks like a 1970s vision of the future. It reminds me of the sort of rigid boot you need to wear if you break your ankle. However, it's such a different design to other auto empty stations that it's actually quite pleasing to look at once you get used to the boot shape.

The NoMo Q11 has Lidar and will avoid obstacles in its path. The top of the robot has two buttons: one for operation and one to recharge. The NoMo Q11 will also go back to the dock to recharge if its battery gets low.

The robot vacuum can be noisy at maximum power. This robot vacuum has 4000Pa suction on max mode, which is incredibly strong suction power. At normal mode, power is 1500Pa, and at strong mode, it's 2500Pa. In normal use, the NoMo Q11 is not too noisy at just 65dB.

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Under the unit, there is a roller brush and silicon rubber strip, which work to drag pet hairs up off the carpet quite effectively. It has a small dustbin capacity of 250ml, and its water tank is 300ml - more than enough to mop your hard floors. 

The dust collection is loud at 84dB when collecting dust. The dust bag is 2.5 liters in volume, and I did not need to empty it during the entire time the robot was in use.

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The Neabot has an easy to connect the app to, so you can pair the robot to the app. The app lets you program different cleaning modes such as spot, area, local, or global.

The NoMo Q11 will clean the entire space the first time it operates. This produces a map of the space it has cleaned. The map quality in the app is excellent -- far better than the map on the iLife V9e, to be sure.

The app also lets you specify schedules to clean, do not disturb times, and whether you want the dust to be collected each time by the auto-empty station. The current version of the app does not have the capacity to set no-sweep and no-mop zones -- a feature of both the Ecovacs Ozmo T8 and Roborock S7 robot vacuums.

There is a dual-function dustbin and water tank on the NoMo Q11, which is exactly the same tank and bin as the Lydsto robot vacuum I am currently testing and will review next week.

You can also use the app to click and drag an area to clean and specify no-go zones. But I had some problems with the area clean. I specified an area to mop and started the NoMo Q11 mopping the area using the local clean option. When the Q11 had finished its mopping, it went directly to a carpeted area and started to sweep and mop that area, too.

The mopping module clips onto the bottom of the existing dustbin and water tank. The mopping cloth hooks onto the unit and is attached by Velcro pads. There is a little wheel at the back of the mopping unit to ensure that the mop glides over the floor easily.

Mopping is reasonable -- and the mopping cloth does get soiled quickly, showing that there's good pressure on the mopping module. The app lets you specify how much water you want on the mopping cloth.

The Neabot NoMo Q11 robot vacuum needs regularly repositioning, as it does not seem to know where it is sometimes. It got lost about once every two days, issuing a message that it could not find its charging dock -- even though the charging dock was on, clearly marked on the map, and broadcasting.

This is the single biggest issue I had with the Q11, and I often found the robot asleep in the middle of a room. 

On starting, the robot would sweep the room with its Lidar and announce that it was lost. Other times, it found its way back to the recharging station without any issues.

All in all, for the under $490 Early Bird offer, the Neabot NoMo Q11 robot vacuum is a futuristic-looking, multi-function sweeping and mopping robot vacuum with an auto-empty station that easily connects to its app. It will sweep and mop your home efficiently.

Be prepared to show the robot where its charging base is from time to time, and enjoy fuss-free and efficient cleaning and mopping.