CES 2020: Samsung expands Micro LED TV home lineup

The modular Micro LED TV, dubbed The Wall, will be offered in 75, 88, 93 and 110-inches for the home as well as in 150 and 292-inches for home theatre setups.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer
Image: Samsung

Ahead of CES 2020, Samsung Electronics has unveiled its Micro LED TV, dubbed The Wall, which will be available in a slew of sizes. 

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The Wall, which is aimed for use in homes, will be available in 75, 88, 93, 110, 150, or 292-inches, it said at its First Look event.

The 88-inch and 150-inch models will come with an "ultra-slim design" and be bezel-less.

Being modular, the TVs can also be combined to make different shapes, Samsung said.

The conglomerate first introduced MicroLED TVs at CES 2018, and since then, has offered TV models ranging from 75, 146, 219, and 292-inches that use this technology.

The smaller panels remained prototypes so far, however. The company has only sold the larger models in luxury models and aimed at the enterprise sector.

Micro LED TVs use individual micrometer-sized LED modules as singular pixels. Much like OLEDs, it emits light on its own to provide a superior contrast ratio compared to conventional LCD TVs. However, production of them remains extremely expensive, and Samsung is yet to announce pricing for its new models.

Samsung also showed off the 2020 iterations of its QLED 8K TVs. These will come in what the firm calls an "infinity design" where the TVs are completely bezel-less. They will also come with an object-tracking sound feature.

They will also come with an artificial intelligence processor, called AI Quantum Processor 8K, that will upscale non-8K content to 8K, it added.

The company also said it would begin global sales of its lifestyle TV model, Sero, which can pivot between horizontal and vertical orientations, and was previously only sold in South Korea.

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