Firefox will be able to show notifications inside the Windows 10 Action Center

New Windows 10-friendly notification system to arrive in December, with Firefox 64.

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Firefox Nightly versions can now show web notifications right inside the Windows 10 Action Center, a feature that greatly improves the user experience for Firefox users on Windows.

The integration is only available for Firefox Nightly versions, for the time being, but the feature is scheduled to arrive in Firefox 65, to be released in January, next year.

Firefox is not the first browser to feature native support for Windows 10 notifications. This honor goes to Google Chrome, which added support for native notifications in Chrome 68, released earlier this year, in July.


Firefox notifications in the Windows 10 Action Center

There are several advantages of using native Windows 10 notifications when compared to the old Firefox notification system.

The main reason is in regards to volatility. Current Firefox notifications show up for a few seconds and then disappear.

Native Windows 10 notifications, not only look different, as they would be part of the OS interface, but a copy of each alert is also stored inside the Windows 10 Action Center.

This is a great feature because it allows users to review past notifications they might have normally missed if they were using standard Firefox notifications that disappear after a few seconds.

While some might say the feature could be used to spam Windows 10 users with more persistent messages, this isn't such a big headache as initially thought because the Action Center also lets users clear all notifications with the push of a button.

Below is a video shared by Mozilla devs showing how Firefox upcoming native Windows 10 notifications system will work together with the Action Center.

Work on this feature will continue and users can track it via this Bugzilla entry. Work on integrating Firefox's push notification system started four years ago, even before Windows 10's release.

Article updated post publication after Mozilla moved back the release of this feature from Firefox 64 to Firefox 65.