First look: Zendure X6 power bank with built-in USB hub

While this isn't a power bank that you can easily slip into a pocket, it's packed with powerful features that make it very compelling.

I've had a number of requests to take a look at the Zendure X6 power bank. This is not the kind that you can easily slip into a jacket pocket or purse, but it's a true beast when it comes to the features that it contains.

The Zendure X6 USB-C is a portable charger with a difference. Not only does it feature 20,100 mAh of portable battery capacity, compatible with QC 3.0 and offering 45W of PD (Power Delivery) power, it features five USB ports (one of which is a USB Type-C port) offering support for charging five devices simultaneously.

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But there's more.

The X6 also features a USB Hub mode (compatible with USB 2.0), which allows for data transfer over the two USB-A ports. Connect the USB-C port to a compatible desktop or laptop, and you can simultaneously charge your device and sync and manage your files using the twin USB-A ports.

This means that not only can the X6 charge up a range of devices, from smartphones to MacBooks, but it can also act as a data hub, so as to not clog up a port while it is being used to charge.

Another really useful feature of the X6 is that it is compatible with low-power devices such as smartwatches, earphones and the like, which means that it won't turn off prematurely before the device is fully charged.

A final feature that I like is the pass-through charging that also includes a UPS feature, so the X6 can switch between pass-through and battery mode with no power interruptions. Why might you want this? Well, it makes it handy for applications such as security systems, home automation, network storage, backup power for Wi-Fi routers, Raspberry Pi projects, and the like.

I'll follow up with a more in-depth review soon, but for now I have to say that I like the Zendure X6. A lot. And priced at $119, it offers a lot of functionality and power at a decent cost.

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