Former Microsoft Midori team members launch Pulumi, an open-source cloud development company

Several former Microsoft engineers and execs have launched a new cross-cloud, multi-language development framework called Pulumi.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor on

Several former Microsoft execs launched on June 18 an open-source cloud development platform company called Pulumi.


Pulumi co-founders Eric Rudder and Joe Duffy were both members of Microsoft's Midori team.

Midori was on track to be a new Microsoft operating system that wasn't based on the Windows kernel. The Midori team was charged with building not just the OS from scratch, but a full software stack, including a browser, related tools and more.

At its peak, there were as many as 100 developers at Microsoft working on Midori. Microsoft ended up disbanding the Midori team around 2015.

Duffy, who is Pulumi's CEO, described the Pulumi platform this way:

"Using Pulumi, you author cloud programs using your favorite language, spanning low-level infrastructure-as-code to highly productive and modern container- and serverless-powered applications."

Pulumi supports JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Go, and the AWS, Azure and Goodle Cloud Platform clouds.

The Pulumi code, examples, a tour and more information are available here.

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