Google Pixel 4 available in Singapore from October 24

Priced from SG$1,119, the latest Pixel range can be purchased directly from Google or local telco StarHub, as well as at electronic retail chains Challenger and Courts from October 24, with pre-orders now open to customers.
Written by Eileen Yu, Senior Contributing Editor

Google's latest range of smartphones Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will be available in Singapore from October 24, where they can be purchased directly from Google as well as at electronic retail chains Challenger and Courts. Currently open for pre-orders, the 64GB models of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are priced at SG$1,119 and SG$1,319, respectively, while the 128GB options are available at SG$1,269 and SG$1,469, respectively. 

The smartphones will sport three colours, Just Black, Clearly White, and the limited edition Oh So Orange, with the Pixel 4 spanning 5.7 inches and the Pixel 4 XL at 6.3 inches.

The Google devices also will be available through StarHub from October 26, with options for mobile plans comprising no upfront cost, but the local telco has yet to provide further information on prices. Tipped as the only operator to offer the new Pixel range in Singapore, StarHub said it would reveal full pricing details at launch. 

In addition to the smartphones, Google also unveiled new releases of the Nest Mini and Nest Wifi. Priced at SG$79, the Nest Mini will be available via Google Store and at Challenger and Courts from October 23. 

The Nest Wifi system encompasses a router, priced at SG$229, and Wi-Fi point, priced at SG$199, and is touted to deliver almost double the speed and up to 25% improvement in coverage. The Wi-Fi point also is equipped with a speaker and integrated with Google Assistant. 

Most details of the new Pixel had been available online following months of leaks, but Google did highlight a "deeper integration" with Google Assistant and advancements in speech processing that would enable more requests on the phone, without sending all of them to the cloud. 

A new Recorder app also offered simultaneous transcribing--though, only English was supported for now--and would be able to identify sounds such as music and applause. More languages would be added "soon", according to Google. 


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