Honeywell buys Sparta Systems for $1.3 billion, plots life sciences expansion

Sparta Systems' quality management software and AI will be integrated with Honeywell's Forge platform.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Honeywell will acquire life sciences software company Sparta Systems for $1.3 billion in a move that will expand the reach for the Honeywell Forge platform.

Sparta Systems features quality management software delivered as a service with artificial intelligence. Honeywell's plan is to leverage Sparta Systems and combine it with the Forge platform and Experian Process Knowledge System to expand more into life sciences.

The all-cash acquisition of Sparta Systems highlights how Honeywell is using partnerships and acquisitions to build out Forge for more regulated industries. Honeywell has formed partnerships with Vertiv, SAP and Microsoft and acquired companies such as Sine Group, Trinity, Ballard and Rocky Research. Among Honeywell's recent moves:

Sparta Systems' two primary platforms include TrackWise Digital, which is built on Salesforce's platform, and QualityWise.ai. QualityWise.ai brings natural language processing, signal detection and confidence levels for recommendations to TrackWise Digital. 


Sparta Systems Trackwise Digital stack. 

Both platforms will be integrated with Honeywell Forge for life sciences and adjacent industries. Honeywell will also use its scale to expand Sparta Systems' reach.

Que Dallara, CEO of Honeywell Connected Enterprise, said Sparta's offerings will couple quality and production data for life sciences manufacturers. Honeywell already offers those manufacturers automation technologies, systems and services via its Fast Track Automation, which is used for therapies and vaccines.

Sparta Systems, based in Hamilton, NJ, has about 250 employees and 400 customers. Sparta Systems' technologies will be combined with Honeywell Connected Enterprise, Honeywell Forge and Honeywell Process Solutions. Sparta Systems has regulatory and quality tools for pharmaceutical and biotech, medical device, food and beverage, chemical and agrochemical and other regulated industries.

Honeywell said it will enhance Sparta Systems' TrackWise Digital QMS with AI and machine learning. Honeywell will also connect the platform with Internet of things data as well as operational data.

The deal will close by the end of the first quarter of 2021. 

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