IBM plots quantum computing roadmap, eyes 1,121-qubit system in 2023

IBM lays out its quantum system roadmap and plans to scale the technology as competition in the market heats up.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM outlined its roadmap for its quantum computing development that includes a 1,121-qubit device for release in 2023 as well as components and cooling systems.

Big Blue released images of a 6-foot wide and 12-foot high cooling system being built to house a 1,121-qubit processor called IBM Quantum Condor.

According to IBM, the goal is to build a million-qubit quantum system. The company views the 1,000-qubit mark as a tipping point to overcome the hurdles limiting the commercialization of quantum systems. Is the world ready for cross-platform quantum programming?

For IBM, the quantum roadmap is critical since competition in the still nascent market is heating up. Honeywell recently outlined its quantum systems and there are a bevy of players including GoogleIBM and its System QMicrosoftIntel, AWS and others chasing commercialization in some form.


In a blog post, Jay Gambetta, vice president of IBM Quantum, said the company's roadmap is part of a larger mission "to design a full-stack quantum computer deployed via the cloud that anyone around the world can program."

Indeed, cloud computing is the way most quantum resources will be consumed given the size and refrigeration required. The road to 1,000-qubits will include the following:

  • IBM will debut its 127-qubit IBM Quantum Eagle processor next year.
  • Quantum Eagle will include upgrades such as through-silicon vias and multi-level wiring. The quantum processor will also be able to reduce crosstalk errors.
  • In 2022, IBM plans to release a 433-qubit IBM Quantum Osprey system, which will be more efficient and be able to scale with better cryogenic infrastructure and controls. 


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