iFixit's new toolkits make it easy to take things apart (and put them back together again)

Whether you're tackling the big jobs, or really small ones, iFixit has developed two new driver kits to make it easier to take apart -- and put back together -- your devices.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor
​iFixit Manta driver set

iFixit Manta driver set

There's nothing that makes the job of repairing something easier than having the right tools and a repair manual, and the folks at iFixit have me covered on both fronts!

Not only does iFixit produce the best repair guides available for a wide selection of electronic devices (almost forty thousand at last count), the company also offers the best tools available for making tough jobs easy, and today sees the company unveil two new driver kits containing all the bits you need to take apart pretty much anything.

First up, the Manta.

This kit not only contains 112 bits designed to tackle pretty much every fastener you're likely to come across when fixing electronic devices in both 4mm and 1/4-inch bit sizes, but it also comes with two premium anodized aluminum driver handles to hold these bits while in use.

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Both the driver handles feature magnetized bit sockets to hold the bits, knurled grips for a positive feel in the hand, and have free-spinning tops on them so they can act as precision screwdrivers. They're some of the nicest, highest-quality bit drivers I've come across, and are a pleasure to use, and are more than robust enough to handle daily use and abuse.

The kit comes in the tough ABS plastic case, and the magnetized lid doubles as a sorting tray.

This is the perfect kit for someone looking for a driver set that's up to the task of dealing with both small, delicate fasteners, and big, chunky screws.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a Manta kit ahead of the official release, and I've been using it pretty much daily, and it's an absolute pleasure to use. Not only are the handles beautifully drafted and well-balanced, but all the bits are of excellent quality and fit perfectly, even when dealing with super-tiny screws such as the pentalobe screws holding the iPhone together.

iFixit Manta Driver Kit

The other kit is the Mahi.

This is a collection of 1/4-inch bits -- for everything from Phillips and flatheads to tri-wing and Torx -- designed to tackle the bigger jobs. If you already have a toolkit designed for smaller fasteners, then this is a great addition for those situations where you need a little more torque.

The Manta retails for $59.99, while the Mahi is only $29.99, and both toolkits come with a lifetime warranty.

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