IonQ quantum computing systems available on Google Cloud

IonQ's quantum systems are now available on the big three hyperscale cloud providers.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IonQ said its high-fidelity 11 qubit systems will be available on Google Cloud with support via Google's Cirq open source quantum computing framework.

The company said that its next-generation 32 qubit system will be available on Google Cloud later this year. IonQ is the first third-party quantum computer available on Google Cloud's marketplace.

For IonQ, the Google Cloud availability means its quantum systems will be available on all three hyperscale cloud providers. IonQ, which is planning to become publicly traded via a special purpose acquisition company deal, is already available on AWS and Microsoft Azure. Recent headlines include:

IonQ CEO Peter Chapman said availability on Google Cloud will expand access to quantum computing for more developers and researchers.

On Google Cloud, customers will be able to program IonQ's systems with a bevy of developer frameworks including Cirq, IBM Qiskit, Penny Lane and tket. Custom integrations are also available via IonQ's APIs. IonQ's plan is to make its hardware available on as many frameworks as possible.

IonQ's Google Cloud partnership lands as the quantum computing space has heated up. Honeywell Quantum Solutions announced plans to merge with Cambridge Quantum. In addition, IBM is showing quantum computing traction as well as on-premise installations with customers in the US and abroad.

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