iOS 14.5: Apple Maps is gaining ability to report accidents, hazards, or speed checks

The new features should be available to beta testers this week and will be included in the finalized version of iOS 14.5 later this spring.



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If you signed up for the iOS 14.5 beta to get access to the face unlock feature, which uses your Apple Watch to work even when you're wearing a face mask, things are about to get even better for you. 

Later this week, beta testers will begin to see a new option in Apple Maps that allows them to report accidents, hazards like road debris, or speed checks along their route. 

You'll use Siri to make the report, by using a phrase such as: "Hey Siri, there's a crash ahead" or "there's something in the road." 

The feature will work directly on the phone, or you can use it with CarPlay. 

Apple released the first developer beta a couple of weeks ago, and it's shaping up to include many new features. The previously mentioned face unlock workaround for face masks joins a new ad-tracking permission prompt, improved support for more gaming controllers, and AirPlay compatibility for Fitness Plus.