KT aiming for serving robots across Mad for Garlic restaurant chain

The robots will lessen staff workload and reduce human to human contact, the telco said.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer
Image: KT

KT has launched a serving robot for restaurants that it says will lessen staff workload and reduce human-to-human contact in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company said on Tuesday.

Called AI Serving Robot, it comes with 3D spatial mapping and self-driving technology that allows it to avoid obstacles and pass through tables freely and accurately, the telco said.

The robot can carry four trays and deliver them to four different tables in order with just one input, KT said.

They will be deployed first at a Mad for Garlic restaurant, owned by MFG Korea, in Gangnam, Seoul.

KT and MFG Korea will collaborate to launch more of the robots at more Mad for Garlic restaurants in South Korea going forward.

The pair will also collaborate to research more customer scenarios where robots can be used to help the needs of restaurants, KT said.

KT first launched a service robot for hotels in December, 2019. Called N Bot, it is used to deliver goods to guests in their rooms.

In May, the telco deployed autonomous carts with 5G connectivity at its smartphone warehouses to help alleviate staff workload.

In February, compatriot LG Electronics also launched a similar service robot for restaurants that can carry food to tables. LG also has a noodle-making robot aimed at restaurants that was launched first in November of last year.

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