Leaked video shows off Pixel Watch 2 features - and they're seriously impressive

Google's second smartwatch effort packs several new sensors and upgraded internals that appear to promise a major advance over the previous model.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer
Google Pixel Watch Wi-Fi on green background

Another day, another leak in the days ahead of Google's product launch next week. This time, it's the Pixel Watch 2 (which is reportedly being offered for free as a preorder bonus for the Pixel 8 Pro, by the way).

Yesterday, a leaked video showed off some of the fancy new AI-powered features on the new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro cameras. That itself came not long after the colors and 360-degree view of Google's flagship devices were leaked. Today, it's a leaked promo for the Pixel Watch 2, which shows off all the changes and new features.

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Calling these "leaks" is admittedly arguable, as the disclosures are almost certainly Google-approved; nevertheless, today's leak comes courtesy of 91mobiles.

Until now, Google has been pretty tight-lipped -- officially, at least -- about the next generation of its Pixel smartwatch. Aside from a release date of October 5, the company hasn't said much else. 

In this 60-second official Google promo video, though, we get all the details. 

The video starts by touting the watch's new skin temperature sensor; improved multi-path heart rate tracking (which promises a more accurate reading than Google's previous watch, even during strenuous exercise); and body-response stress level analysis, where the watch can sense if you're stressed by tracking not only heart rate, but even microscopic beads of sweat and skin temperature. 

If the watch senses you're stressed, it will recommend interventions like deep breathing or taking a walk.

More of the Pixel Watch 2's FitBit integration is then shown off, including a tracker to hit a target pace and heart rate zones, plus the ability to ask Google Assistant about your workout's progress, a feature similar to one Apple just rolled out for Siri.

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Safety features were next, with the video demonstrating the watch's "Safety Check." With that feature enabled, users can set a timer for certain situations. Once the timer is up, the user will be asked to tap the watch screen to confirm that they are OK, or if they want to contact emergency services. If the user doesn't respond at all, their location is shared with an emergency contact.

Closing out the video is a promise of a full 24-hour battery life, something many smartwatches have advertised but failed to deliver. Like the original Pixel Watch, the Watch 2 has a charge time of 75 minutes to full battery and 30 minutes to 50%.

Given these new features plus the upgraded components inside, Google's second smartwatch seems like a serious upgrade over its first effort. There's not much aesthetic difference between the two aside from colors and bands (there's a new metal slim and sport band this time around), but the new version should provide a much better experience overall.  

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