LG expands service robot deployment to hospitals

LG Cloi Servebot will assist hospital staff by carrying medical equipment at Seoul National University Hospital.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

The drawer version of the LG Cloi Servebot.

Image: LG Electronics

LG Electronics has expanded the deployment of its service robots to a hospital and more restaurants, the company said on Wednesday.

LG Cloi Servebot will be deployed to Seoul National University Hospital to assist staff with carrying medical equipment such as blood samples, prescription drugs, and diagnostic reagents among other equipment, the South Korean electronics maker said.

The service robot comes in two variants -- a drawer version and a shelf version. The drawer version has been deployed at the hospital.

LG said the drawer version of the robot is suitable for hospitals, hotels, and offices as it is sized 50cm x 50cm x 130 cm and can carry up to 15kg of goods in its three drawers. The drawers have security locks and operators can also monitor the robot's movement, set its movement schedule, and view usage history.

Meanwhile, the company said it would deploy the shelf version of the Cloi Servebot to more restaurants run by partner CJ Foodville. LG has already deployed the service robot at some restaurants to bring out food to customers as well as another noodle-making robot dubbed the Cloi Chefbot.

The shelf type robot comes in the same size as the drawer version. It supports up to four shelves that can carry 20kg of food and goods.

Cloi Servebot comes with autonomous driving technology to help it detect and avoid obstacles. It also has a touch screen that displays various emotions to interact with people.

LG said the robots would lessen the workload of human staff and prevent unnecessary contact between people. 

LG first announced the development of the Cloi Servebots back in 2016, with the robot initially being rolled out as a guide and cleaning bot at Incheon International Airport in 2017.

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