LG teases V60 ThinQ's free stop hinge

The dual-screen of LG's new phone to be unveiled at IFA can be used in any folded angle, the company's new teaser shows.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer
Image: LG

LG has again touted the dual-screen feature of its upcoming V60 ThinQ smartphone with a 15 second video clip, ahead of its unveiling at the IFA tradeshow.

In the clip posted on YouTube, the clock is shown with the minute hand making half a rotation, passing through the labels 0°, 104°, and 180° when the arm swipes by.

When the minute hand reaches the top and joins the hour hand, the hands fold out in the shape of two smartphone screens.

LG first introduced the dual screen accessory with the V50 ThinQ smartphone earlier this year. Users could use the two screens together when folded, or at 0°, and ajar at 104° and wide open at 180°.

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But the new teaser shows the minute hand moving freely through all three angles, showing that the dual screen for the upcoming V60 ThinQ can be used at any folded angle.

Such feature is already used for LG's notebook and is dubbed free stop hinge.

Near the end of the clip, the two screens folded to show the outer contours of a smartphone and a date and time is displayed. It shows when folded, the dual screen will likely also show the traditional front notification screen much like regular smartphones.

LG first announced that it would unveil its next handset at IFA in Berlin earlier this month with a video teaser touting its dual screen and use for gaming.

The South Korean electronics maker will host a media event at Pullman Hotel Berlin Schweizerhof a day before the tradeshow kicks off on September 6 

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