Mark Templeton discusses Citrix Strategy

Mark Templeton presented his vision for Citrix at the analyst briefing. I didn't hear much that was new only the progressive realization of the company's vision.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Mark Templeton, Citrix CEO, presented his company's vision. It struck me that I had heard much of this before at analyst events in the past. Here's a quick summary of his main points.

  • Citrix's Company formula is to combine Culture + Empathy
  • Growth highlights. Great first half. Citrix is highly focused on mobile and cloud — revenue segmentation: 59% desktop, 21% collaboration, 20% Cloud
  • The company's revenue picture looks very good - Revenue $2.6B in 2012, 8,000 employees, 10,000+ partners in 100 countries
  • Market drivers that are helping Citrix grow include the mobility imperative, enterprise cloud evolution, and the build-out of cloud services
  • Mark spoke about the company's execution across multiple product lines, segment-based share growth, innovating & acquiring adjacencies, marketing & selling a complete vision
  • The focus for the future is similar to the past: Social collaboration, data sharing, enterprise mobility, windows as a service, cloud networking, cloud platforms (CloudStack)
  • Where are they going next — building out solutions
    • Areas of focus for these solutions are BYOD & executive mobility, Work shifting, unified storefront, desktop virtualization, service delivery, cloud convergence
    • Their goal is making it easily possible for people to work and play anywhere.
  • Mark sees that the consumerization and industrialization of IT is becoming a "force multiplier" helping businesses differentiate themselves from others. Citrix views this combination as a disruptive force and believes that it is prepared to help.
  • While Windows is an important factor Market pointed out that Android, Apple and HTML5 are increasingly important too.
  • Mark summarized by point out the things that drive Citrix
    • Belief in what they do and the value of "any-ness" for customers in the marketplace today. Work across any device with any type of cloud
    • Comfort with ambiguity and finding the opportunities ambiguity offers
    • Honorable aspirations — put the customers first to deliver on their aspirations
    • Belief + strategy (future-present/assumptions = strategy)
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