Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, Note 10+ 5G pricing in Australia

Australian pricing for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series range from AU$76.63 per month on Vodafone to AU$1,999 outright from JB Hi-Fi.
Written by Campbell Kwan, Contributor

Samsung has unveiled its new flagship smartphones, the Galaxy Note 10, 10+, and 10+ 5G, at its Unpacked event in New York, with pricing and pre-orders now being offered by mobile carriers and vendors ahead of launch on August 23.

It's the first time Samsung has released two different Note models, in addition to a 5G model for the Note 10+, and there's more than just screen size differentiating the two. The Galaxy Note 10 doesn't have a microSD card support, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus does. Also, the Galaxy Note 10's display is 6.3 inches while the Galaxy Note 10+ is 6.8 inches.

The new approach should help Samsung expand the Note line to enterprise and consumers alike, through a smaller form factor and lower price. 

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At JB Hi Fi, the Note10+ costs AU$1,999 for the 512GB model and AU$1,699 for the 256GB model; the Note 10 costs AU$1,499 for the 256GB model.

Customers can pre-order the Note devices from August 8-22 at Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone.

Lowest Pricing for each handset:

Telstra (device only)  



Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GB  

AU$76.63 and 5GB for 36 months

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 256GB  

AU$47.19 for 36 months 

AU$105 and 4GB for 24 months

AU$82.19 and 5GB for 36 months

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G 512GB  

AU$55.19 for 36 months  

AU$115 and 4GB for 24 months

Highest data allowances for each handset:




Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GB  

AU$106.63 and 120GB for 36 months 

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 256GB  

AU$147.19 and 150GB for 36 months

AU$155 and 200GB for 24 months 

AU$109.19 and 120GB for 36 months 

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G 512GB  

AU$155.19 and 150GB for 36 months 

AU$165 and 200GB for 24 months 


Telstra -- which is also offering a free upgrade to the 5G version of the Note 10+ when it launches from August 8 to September 23 -- released its updated plans in June so that devices and data now have separate plans. 

What this means is that Telstra is offering four tiers of mobile phone connectivity -- which does not include the handset cost -- consisting of:

  • AU$50 for 15GB;
  • AU$60 for 60GB;
  • AU$80 for 100GB; and
  • AU$100 for 150GB.

The handsets will cost:

  • Note 10+ 256GB: AU$70.79 for 24 months; or AU$47.19 for 36 months   
  • Note 10+ 5G 512GB: AU$82.79 for 24 months; or AU$55.19 for 36 months    

For example, a customer can pay AU$47.19 per month for the Galaxy Note 10+ over 36 months and pay AU$50 for 15GB per month, equating to a combined AU$97.19 being paid monthly.

Optus is charging the following pricing to own the handsets:

  • Note 10+ 256GB: AU$105 for 4GB of data; AU$115 for 60GB; AU$125 for 80GB; and AU$139 for 200GB and 2GB roaming; and AU$155 for 200GB and 4GB roaming

  • Note 10+ 5G 512GB: AU$115 for 4GB of data; AU$125 for 60GB; AU$135 for 80GB; and AU$149 for 200GB and 2GB roaming; and AU$165 for 200GB and 4GB roaming

All of these offers are for 24-month contracts.


On Vodafone, it costs the following to buy the devices:

For 36-month contracts

  • Note 10 256GB: AU$76.63 for 5GB of data; AU$86.63 for 30GB; AU$96.63 for 80GB; and AU$106.63 for 120GB

  • Note 10+ 256GB: AU$82.19 for 5GB of data; AU$92.19 for 30GB; AU$99.19 for 80GB; and AU$109.19 for 120GB

For 24-month contracts

  • Note 10 256GB: AU$97.45 for 5GB of data; AU$107.45 for 30GB; AU$117.45 for 80GB; and AU$127.45 for 120GB

  • Note 10+ 256GB: AU$105.79 for 5GB of data; AU$115.79 for 30GB; AU$121.29 for 80GB; and AU$131.29 for 120GB

For 12-month contracts

  • Note 10 256GB: AU$159.91 for 5GB of data; AU$169.91 for 30GB; AU$179.91 for 80GB; and AU$189.91 for 120GB

  • Note 10+ 256GB: AU$176.58 for 5GB of data; AU$186.58 for 30GB; AU$196.58 for 80GB; and AU$206.58 for 120GB

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