SAP adds more industry focused AI to S/4 HANA Cloud

SAP's latest release of S/4 HANA Cloud adds more AI scenarios for manufacturing and professional services customers.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

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SAP's latest release of S/4HANA Cloud adds more artificial intelligence aimed at industries such as manufacturing and professional services.

The enterprise software giant has been stepping up its vertical AI efforts. Earlier this year, the 1805 release of S/4 HANA Cloud included 12 "AI-powered scenarios," or prepackaged workflows to take over manual tasks.

These scenarios revolved around things like sales forecasting, quotation conversion, procurement, contracts and supply chain.

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With the 1808 release of S/4 HANA, SAP is adding 9 more of these AI scenarios. The update adds algorithms to meet business goals with the lowest inventory and resource costs.

In June, SAP outlined C/4 HANA, which is the company's effort to reinvent CRM and compete more effectively with Salesforce. A big part of the C/4 HANA plan is using integration with S/4 HANA and AI to provide unique enterprise features. SAP is also migrating more of its installed base to the cloud.

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According to SAP, the 1808 release of S/4 HANA has the AI to evaluate and adjust capacity, buffer adjustments, manage inventory, market, analyze quality and support subsidiaries.

Most of the updates are aimed at the manufacturing sector--a key industry for SAP--and tools for planning materials.

The professional services AI updates for S/4 HANA Cloud include staffing analysis, cap in time and expense billing and consultant timesheet entries.

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