Save $166 on SanDisk's monster 400GB microSD card

Want more storage for your phone or Switch? Then jump on this sale now! There's no word on how long it'll last.
Written by Elyse Betters Picaro, Managing Editor

Over a year ago, SanDisk unveiled the world's first 400GB microSD card. It launched with a whopping $250 price tag, and we didn't see it fall below that until Black Friday. Now, however, it is available at one of its lowest prices yet: $84. 

If you need extra storage for your smartphone, now is the time to buy SanDisk's 400GB microSD card on Amazon at 66 percent off. Honestly, you should avoid buying storage products at launch, because their steep prices quickly get axed in the following months, and this microSD card is a great example of that. If you check various price history tools, you'll see it has steadily dropped since it released. And, excluding an $80 deal over the holidays, this is the absolute best price.

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Those of you who don't need that much storage or want to spend even less money should look around on Amazon, because there are other SanDisk microSD cards on sale. You can get a 256GB microSD card for $50, a 200GB card for $38, or a 128GB card for $23. SanDisk's cards are labeled Class 10 and offer up to 100MB/s transfer read speeds. They also have A1-rated performance, which means apps should load more speedily on your device. In other words, these are premium, high-capacity cards.

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They're perfect for professionals who need reliable storage while they work on the go. But, perhaps more importantly, if you own a Nintendo Switch and like to relax in the evening with a little Super Smash Bros Ultimate, these cards will work in that, too. 

Treat yo self. 

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